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Join The Scholarship Squad


The Scholarship Squad is an exclusive group that has access to a large scholarship database and monthly newsletter. Each week, our scholarship team researches scholarships and puts them in our private database. We take the time to ensure that the scholarships inside are valid and timely. Our database contains separate scholarship lists for 8th - 12th grade, college, and graduate school students.  

Our Scholarship Squad monthly newsletters are sent out the middle of each month and contain awesome scholarship tips, such as: ​​

✔ Tips on How to Find Hidden Scholarships​

✔ Tips on How to Improve Your Editing Skills ​​

✔ Tips on What Judges Like to See 

Access to our Scholarship Squad is $15/month. You can cancel anytime. 




Current Squad Members: 

Click Here to Go to Your Login Page. Email us anytime to Cancel at with the subject Line "Cancel Scholarship Squad Membership." If you were already charged for that month, you will not receive a refund; instead, you will continue to have access until that month's subscription runs out. You will not continue to be charged in the future. 

Scholarship Client Testimonials:






Daven had a coaching call with me about how to negotiate her scholarship package with Brooklyn Law School. She applied the tips I gave her and she ended up with $45,000K more in scholarship money.

          Daven B. | Law School Fall '21 

"I just wanted to tell you thank you for your advice and encouragement about applying for scholarships for my daughter, Jaleah. When I tell you that we are absolutely on beast-mode now! We have submitted 16 applications so far following the simple steps you encouraged us to do. I knew I was on the right path but wanted confirmation. You confirmed for me that our efforts would pay off. And yes...I do believe they will. Thank you so much."


Kimberly L. | Parent of High School Senior

"The Art of Scholarships is exactly what I needed for my daughter. She was struggling with writing her common app essay and I needed someone with patience who can bring out the best in her. India is a miracle worker. The guidance she provided was very valuable and my daughter stated that India taught her some things she never learned in school. That speaks volumes to the impact India had on my daughter. I highly recommend The Art of Scholarships; you will not be disappointed."


Terese G. | Parent of High School Senior

"As an immigrant to the US, I approached the graduate studies search with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I was excited about the opportunity to go back to school after being in the working world for 10 years, but I was nervous about the prospect of the crippling debt that I would be ladened with. It is at this point of worry that I came across The Art of Scholarships. After a very informative consultation, my anxiety was calmed. Through the benefit of expert advice and guidance, graduate school does not have to mean a lifetime of student debt. Now, I know that I have to put in the work to apply to this list of scholarships that India and her team found, but I go into this whole process with a more positive outlook. That already is one important factor I was missing during my initial meeting. My only regret is not finding The Art of Scholarships sooner! Had I contacted them at the beginning of my graduate studies search, I would have been provided with even more scholarship opportunities! Thank you, The Art of Scholarships for helping to bring some calm to an already crazy graduate school application process!!"

Lori-Ann, Orlando, Graduate School applicant, age 34, Caribbean-American

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