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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are here, it is because you are seeking help with either college application essays and/or scholarship writing. We can help with both!


Most likely, our FAQs below will answer your questions. If you are still uncertain how to proceed after reading below, feel free to contact us:  

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General FAQs


What age group and/or grades do you help? 

We assist the following grade levels: 8th through 12th grade, college students, and graduate students. All of our materials are carefully crafted so that no matter where you are on your scholarship journey, you can still apply the tools that we teach. 

Do you assist international students? 

Unfortunately, at this time, we only assist students who live and reside in the U.S. 

How much does your service cost? 

The investment for our services depends on the amount of time that we spend with you. Please click on each of our services below for our pricing: 

"I need help with just (1) college application essay and/or scholarship essay. Do you just review one essay?"

Our programs are group oriented and contain a few elements of 1-on-1 coaching. Thus, in order to have our team review one of your essays independent of a program, you must schedule a working session.  Please click below if you would like to schedule a working session:

Will this work for me? 

Our services/scholarship advice only works if you are willing to take the tips and put them to use. 

What is your success rate with students?  

Students who enroll in the Scholarship Academy and Scholarship Bootcamp typically see the most success. Using India's essay writing skills, students have received admissions into ivy leagues (e.g. Princeton and Brown), Clemson, Auburn, Xavier (Ohio), Rutgers, University of Tennessee, University of Colorado, High Point, and many other wonderful institutions. Additionally, students have received full-ride and -tuition scholarships. Further, others have received thousands in scholarship money from their institutions and also from private organizations. India's students have won several big scholarships such as Burger King and State Employees Credit Union. Further, several of India's clients went on to be semi-finalists for big money scholarships such as Coca Cola and Dell. 

However, although India has had major success with her current and former students, she does not guarantee that future students will experience the same or similar success. Every student is unique. In additional to essays, scholarship committees also take into consideration other factors such as students' GPAs, extracurricular activities, community service involvement, leadership impact, and recommendation letters. The Art of Scholarships only has the ability to help students enhance their essay writing skills so that their voices are profound, but the rest of the scholarship components are completely in the hands of the student. As such, we never guarantee that scholarships will be won after working with us. However, what we do is ensure that students have the necessary tools to submit competitive applications. How the student chooses to apply the knowledge obtained from us and how frequently the student chooses to apply to scholarships is completely left in the hands of the student.  

"Based on my grades, I am already a good writer. So, I am not sure that I need this service..." 

We hear this all the time. Please know that just because you may be excelling in an English class, does not mean that you will naturally be a good scholarship writer. Academic writing is very formulaic, which is not the case when it comes to scholarship writing. In fact, unlike most academic writing, winning scholarships takes great storytelling skills. As such, we always encourage students to get at least (1) scholarship essay reviewed by  scholarship experts.

"I have been applying for scholarships, but I have not been winning...What is wrong?"

If you have been applying for scholarships and not winning, that means the issue lies within your writing. Most likely, your writing either lacks personality/the ability to tell a story, professionalism/organization, strong grammar skills, or a combination of all three. 

If this is you, we highly recommend that you enroll in one of our Scholarship Bootcamps to learn the tools needed in order to get your scholarship essays to stand out. If a Scholarship Bootcamp is not available, then we recommend that you schedule a working session. 

Do you help students with low GPAs and test scores? 

Yes. We help all students that are in grades 8 and above. We recommend that students with either a low GPA or low test score focus on applying to "essay only" scholarships, giving them the ability to showcase their writing skills rather than their academic merits. 

I am interested in having India speak to an organization I am affiliated with, how do I go about speaking with her? 

Sharing is caring! Thank you for wanting me to speak with your group of students. 


Please note that due to the amount of time that we put into preparing custom presentations for groups, we are currently not offering any "free" presentations. 

Scholarship Squad FAQs

What is the Scholarship Squad? How do I sign up?

The Scholarship Squad is an exclusive group that has access to a large scholarship database and monthly newsletter. Each week, our scholarship team researches scholarships and puts them in our private database. We take the time to ensure that the scholarships inside are valid and timely. Our database contains separate scholarship lists for 8th - 12th grade, college, and graduate school students.  

Our Scholarship Squad monthly newsletters are sent out the middle of each month and contain awesome scholarship tips, such as: ​​

✔ Tips on How to Find Hidden Scholarships​

✔ Tips on How to Improve Your Editing Skills ​​

✔ Tips on What Judges Like to See 

Access to our Scholarship Squad is $15/month. You can cancel anytime. 


I signed up for the Scholarship Squad and cannot access it. Where do I go?

Click here to go to your login page. 

How do I cancel my subscription to the Scholarship Squad?

Email us anytime to Cancel at with the subject Line "Cancel Scholarship Squad Membership." If you were already charged for that month, you will not receive a refund; instead, you will continue to have access until that month's subscription runs out. You will not continue to be charged in the future. 

Scholarship Bootcamp FAQs

What is the Scholarship Bootcamp? How do I sign up? 

The Scholarship Bootcamp is a 3-day class that helps you fast-track the scholarship application process. During the 3 days that you spend with us, you will: 

✔ Learn how to use our scholarship questionnaire to create a unique scholarship search that will have you finding scholarships in less than 10 minutes! 

✔ Understand the various methods to pay for college 

✔ Learn the (3) key questions you must answer in order to have a powerful scholarship essay 

✔ Break down how to answer the most common scholarship prompts 

✔ Understand how to turn personal experiences into interesting essays 

✔ Learn exactly what scholarship judges want to see in essays 

✔ And learn/be exposed to SO MUCH more!

To get more information about our Scholarship Bootcamp and how to register, click the button below! 

"I can't attend 1 or more of the Bootcamp classes. Will the classes be recorded?"

Yes. All Bootcamp classes will be recorded and sent out to attendees. You will have 30 days to access the recordings and take notes before they will no longer be available for viewing. Why only 30 days? Because we do not want you waiting a lifetime to access and apply the information. You made a financial investment with us and we want you to maximize it.  

"I enrolled in the Scholarship Bootcamp and don't have the Zoom link access nor other materials..."

Do not worry. All materials (e.g. Zoom links, workbooks, etc). will be send out at least 24 hours in advance of each Bootcamp class. If you are still missing any necessary materials on the day of the Bootcamp, please email with the subject line "Missing Bootcamp Materials." Please do not wait until the Bootcamp class starts to request the materials because we will be teaching at that time and will be unable to respond to your email. 

What is the refund policy?

We want our students to be successful with taking the knowledge they learn from us and applying it to their scholarship process. Thus, a student's success rate will be directly dependent on their commitment to attending the Bootcamp and their effort to implement the strategies shared. Given this, the Scholarship Bootcamp (along with our other services) is nonrefundable. 

Scholarship Academy FAQs

What is the Scholarship Academy? How do I apply? 

The Scholarship Academy is an exclusive 8-12 week intensive writing program designed to help students not only learn how to find scholarships on their own, but also enhance their scholarship writing skills. During students' time with us, we teach them how to maximize their chances at winning scholarships, helping them transform their personal experiences into captivating essays that wow the judges. We also teach our students how to negotiate their financial aid packages with institutions to get more money.


This program is intended for 8th- 12th graders who do not know how to start their scholarship journey and who need guidance on how to organize their essays (i.e. structure, grammar, appeal etc). 


This program is also perfect for parents who want to give their children the best chance at attending college for free (or close thereof) but do not know anything about the scholarship process and/or do not have the time to sit with their children and help them fill out scholarship applications. 


Because this program is a financial and time investment, students must apply to Scholarship Academy. If you feel that you may be a good fit for the program and would like to work directly with us, please click the button below to apply. If you do not answer all of the questions, we will reject your application and cancel the call. If you do not show up to your call and do not provide a rationale for missing it, you will not be allowed to apply to the Scholarship Academy at a later date. 




"I enrolled in the Scholarship Academy and cannot access the course. Where do I go?"

Our Scholarship Academy is on Kajabi. Click here to access it. Your username is your email address and password you selected. If you need us to help you reset your password, please send an email to with the subject line "Scholarship Academy Password Reset." 

How do monthly payments work? Do I have to submit my payment every month?

When you enroll and select the monthly payment option, your first monthly payment will be due at enrollment. Our booking system will schedule your future monthly payments. Your monthly payments will automatically debit from the card you enrolled with on the same day of your enrollment date. For example, if you book on November 12th, the system will debit your 2nd monthly payment on December 12th, and your 3rd monthly payment on January 12th, etc. 

What's the weekly time commitment? 

You must put intentional work into your scholarship journey in order to start seeing results (i.e. winning scholarships). In the Academy's curriculum, the modules provide next steps to help you move forward in your scholarship journey and include assignments. Therefore, we recommend that you reserve at least 1-2 hours per week to complete the modules and attend any live classes in our private community. Outside of the Academy, we recommend that you spend ideally up to 5 hours a week filling out scholarship applications and drafting essays. 

How long do I have access to the materials in the Scholarship Academy? 

We don't want you waiting another year to get started on your scholarship journey. If we offer lifetime access, you will wait another year to get started! As such, you will have access to the Academy materials for 3 months, unless you pay in full. If you pay-in-full, you will receive 6-months of access to the Academy's curriculum. 

Do I get 1-on-1 access to India? 

The Silver and Gold packages of the Scholarship Academy have the ability to meet with India at least once. However, please note the Scholarship Academy is a group coaching program with an online curriculum; it is not a 1-on-1 coaching program. Therefore, you will have access to content personally developed by India and receive access to resources she used to win over $300,000 in scholarships. You will also have access to our private community to receive support from our team (including India) and other students enrolled in the Academy. 

For students who enroll in the Bronze package, you will not have any form of 1-on-1 coaching in your program and you will not receive access to the private community. However, you will receive access to all the content developed by India along with the necessary resources. 

What happens when I enroll? 

You will be redirected to a new page where you will need to read and sign your Client Agreement form and also be given access to the Scholarship Academy where you can begin working through your modules. Additionally, you receive a welcome email confirming your enrollment in The Scholarship Academy and detailing the weekly classes. You will receive email notifications the day you have classes. 

What is the refund policy? 

We want our students to be successful with taking the knowledge they learn from us and applying it to their scholarship process. A student's success rate will be directly dependent on their commitment to the Scholarship Academy and their effort to implement the strategies shared. Given this, our Scholarship Academy (and all of our other courses) is nonrefundable. 

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